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China Issues 2020 Action Plan to Accelerate Building IP Powerhouse

    Source: China IP News

    Recently, the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting on the Implementation of the Intellectual Property Strategy of the State Council issued the Action Plan for Deep Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy to Accelerate the Construction of an IP Power in 2020, and jointly made arrangements for the implementation of such works combined with the previously issued 2020 Local Intellectual Property Strategy Implementation and Key Points for IP Powerhouse Building.

    In terms of deepening IP reform, the Action Plan proposes to improve intellectual property policies, including formulating and issuing policy documents to promote the high-quality development of IP services, replicating and promoting IP protection initiatives in the context of comprehensive innovation and reform experiments, deepening the reform to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services in the IP field, bolstering "one-stop service network" for formality clearance, government services and information services, and further facilitating "blue sky" special rectification actions.

    The Action Plan also calls for beefing up IP protection, improving laws and regulations, cooperating with the revision of patent and copyright laws and drafting relevant judicial interpretations; strengthening the construction of long-term protection mechanisms, optimizing the construction layout of IP protection centers, further promoting "Internet+" IP protection; facilitating IP administrative protection, speeding up the introduction of trademark infringement judgment standards, improving the business guidance system for IP administrative enforcement and protection, continuing to carry out various kinds of special actions; strengthening IP judicial protection, further promoting the "three-in-one" work of IP trials and improving the supervision mechanism of IP cases.

    In terms of bolstering IP creation and utilization, the Action Plan clearly proposes to improve the quality and efficiency of IP examination. For instance, the examination period of high-valued patents will be reduced to less than 16 months, and the average examination period of trademark registration will be reduced to four months this year; strengthen the quality orientation of IP to formulate a long-term mechanism to combat irregular patent applications and malicious trademark registration and hoarding; enhance the comprehensive use of IP, introduce patent navigation implementation guidelines, carry out trademark and geographical indications regional brand cultivation action; facilitate the transferring and commercialization of IP, accelerate the construction of IP operation service systems in key cities.

    In parallel, the Action Plan puts forward measures in deepening IP international cooperation, improving top-level design, and tasking implementation.