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CNIPA Launches English Version of Information-Sharing Platform on COVID-19-Control-Related Patents

    Source: China IP News

    In a bid to boost scientific research on epidemic prevention and control and provide sophisticated and timely information service for users from home and abroad, under the guidance of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) organized its affiliated China Patent Information Center (CNPAT) and Patent Examination Cooperation (Beijing) Center of the Patent Office in developing the English version of the information-sharing platform for patents on epidemic prevention against COVID-19 (website: https://ncp.patentstar.cn/en/) based on the original one. The English version was launched on April 20.

    The platform supports a new function of online translation, which can translate the Chinese patent titles online relying on CNPAT’s  new generation of artificial intelligence (AI) translation system and enables foreign researchers fighting against COVID-19 to access the related information as much as possible. In addition to functional optimization, the platform has the same style and content with the original one, that is, the platform is open to the public for free; over 7,000 pieces of Chinese and foreign patent technical information related to the epidemic prevention against COVID-19 are selected into the database, while being sorted and divided into 9 first-levelbranches, 34 second-level branches and 78 third-level branches according to technical relevancy and weight, and covering nine technical fields; the platform offers an analysis report section specifically for intensively recording patent data analysis reports related to epidemic prevention, so that the latest achievements in patent research can be quickly consulted and acquired; the platform is rigorous in system construction, stable when operated, fast and efficient in response and free of registration and login and not limited by regions.

    The platform integrates functions of intelligent retrieval to enable users to search patent documents precisely, provides multi-mode browse, online translation and bulk export services and is built based on the self-developed core retrieval engine of CPRS, which can achieve a balance between recall and precision of information searching through the unique words segmentation technology and retrieval type and index file. Since its operation, the platform has gained widespread attention and positive feedback from domestic and foreign government departments, universities and research institutions. As of zero o’clock, April 23, the platform has received 173,000 hits online, whose visitors are from China, the Republic of Korea, the U.S., Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.