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WIPO widely promoted China’s Madrid online application system

    Recently, WIPO at the homepage of its trademark portal, in the title of New E-Filing Services Launched by CNIPA, used its seven official languages including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic and Japanese to widely promote China’s Madrid online application system.

    According to the report, Trademark Office of CNIPA launched the country’s first Madrid online application system to realize the whole electronic processing including online filing, electronic notification, online amendment, and online payment. The system was easy to file, automatic self-verified, time reducing, and safe in data. The report fully showed WIPO’s highly concerns on China’s intellectual work, and its affirmation on trademark new achievement since the reorganization of CNIPA.

    To actively serve enterprises’ brand into overseas market, trademark office strongly promoted electronic processing for international trademark transactions. In this June, Madrid online application system was launched officially, which was a historical leap since China’s accession to Madrid system. With the system, domestic applicants could sent the international trademark applications online to designated parties of Madrid system, and when filing applications, no need to rush for handling organization, and it reduced burdens and improved protection efficiency. Since its operation, online Madrid applications increased from 52% to 73%.

    For recent years, Trademark Office made efforts to promote Madrid international registration system, and more and more domestic applicants go to the world market and strengthen protection to their independent brands with the help of the Madrid system. In 2017, domestic applicants filed 4810 Madrid applications, ranking third in the Union. For the first three quarters this year, the applications reached 4359.