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Trademark registration facilitation reform made breakthroughs

    On November 27, 2018, CNIPA launched trademark online service system completely in China Trademark Building. Shen Changyu, commissioner of CNIPA was present at the ceremony and delivered a speech. He expressed the launching was a milestone for recent years’ trademark registration facilitation reform and a breakthrough innovation for trademark service carrier and method.

    Since 2018, CNIPA deeply implemented CPC Central Committee’s general secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and CPC Central Committee and State Council’s decisions and deployments to constantly promote trademark registration and patent application facilitation reform and got active achievements. Currently, annual trademark reform target of greatly shortening examination time limit was completed ahead of time. On November 9, average trademark registration time limit was shortened to 5 months plus 28 days, achieving the target of shortening time limit to six months 52 days ahead.

    Commissioner Shen indicated to seriously implement CPC central committee and State Council’s decisions on strengthening IP innovation, protection, utilization, improving IP examination quality and efficiency, to further optimize IP innovation environment, to strengthen IP protection strength, to improve IP utilization level, to improve IP service quality. He stressed that IP registration examination was the beginning for IP protection, mattered innovation driven development strategy implementation and good business environment cultivation, was the most important for IP work. He required to firmly seek development in stability and in high quality, to insist in quality first and efficient priority to constant improve mechanism building, to improve operation management, to strengthen information building, and to promote IP examination ideology improvement, administration method optimization and examination quality improvement.

    Zhang Maoyu, vice commissioner of CNIPA, together with about 50 persons in charge of relevant departments and from trademark office joined the launching ceremony.